America the Beautiful

I would think many of us who have been to Disneyland might have our own Disneyland date stories. Years ago while I was in the Navy, around 1978 (before I was married), I met a young lady and spent the day with her. My ship had pulled into Long Beach and I rode the bus out to Anaheim and started riding rides. My first attraction of the day was America the Beautiful, a 360-degree travel film of the US. As the camera started down Lombard Street in San Francisco, she leaned too far and started to fall. I caught her and we talked and we introduced ourselves; we spent the day together and said goodbye as the park closed. I will always remember her because of her name: she went by Babbitt, because her brother couldn’t say Elizabeth, he called her Babbitt and it stuck. We wrote a few times and then just lost touch.

Rod Richards


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