Love & Disneyland

As a Southern California native, I have been visiting the Disneyland Resort since I was very little. However, back then it was just called Disneyland and my grandparents went opening day when the asphalt was still settling. One of my many stories from a lifetime of visiting the Disneyland Resort includes a unique trip in January of 2009 where I brought my girlfriend, Ashley, to California Adventure.

I planned two trips to the parks, one to California Adventure at the end of January and one to Disneyland on February 14th. As part of my plan, I would end the day at C.A. by confessing something to Ashley. So the whole day of having fun by going on rides, visiting shops, and enjoying the other attractions, I was agonizing over how my little speech would go over and if I could get through it all.

As we were leaving the park I took her in the middle area between the two. I took a deep breath and explained that California Adventure was in our past and Disneyland was in our future. I went on to say that I didn’t know what else lay in our future, but I did know that I wanted to spend as much of it as I can with her. At the end I was nervous, but I managed to say, “I love you.”

It was a relief to get those words off my chest and we did go to Disneyland the following month, including eating at the Blue Bayou for lunch. Thankfully, I enhanced my countless Disneyland memories by falling in love with a beautiful young woman. Ashley is now my wife and helped the park live up to its reputation as the happiest place on Earth.

Eric R. Almeida


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