Pirate proposal

Tami and I got engaged at Disneyland. She wanted to do it during the fireworks show outside the castle, but my 4-year-old nephew sat in my lap for the entire thing (it was his birthday, and we were there with the extended fam). She came up with a good back-up plan on the fly, though. We were alone in the pirate shop outside Pirates of the Caribbean and I was distracted, i.e. geeking out over all the cool pirate stuff (my favorite!). She pulled me over to a barrel of fake pirate jewels and said we should pick some out to take home. I plucked a fake sapphire (my other favorite!) off the top of the pile and said I wanted that one. She plunged her hand into the barrel, came up with the ring box, and went down on one knee, revealing the real sapphire in the ring setting. Her proposal: “How about this one?” I promptly burst into tears and had to reassure her that 1) it was happy blubbering, and 2) that was a yes.

Julia Watson